Friday, February 27, 2009

 Baseball begins for the Bakers....
    Shopping was the agenda one night!  To our great surprise both boys were SO GOOD the whole time!  Gammy had to get new clothes- as she has lost so much weight- NONE of her clothes fit!  After her wearing jeans that prevented her from playing with Eli (because she had to hold them up) she decided we needed to go shopping! No complaints from Mommy!  We have worked out everyday this week (Mommy took today- Friday- off , but not Gammy, who did THREE miles on the treadmill)!  We have worked very hard!  Gammy did body pump again- and, yes, Mommy went back to spin!  It was very hard, but what a good challenge!  Her goal is to do this twice a week!  Scott will be writing us up a work out plan for next week- it doesn't get better than getting advice from a MLB pitcher!  We'll let you know on the next post how sore he makes us- hey maybe Mommy and Gammy might not be able to handle the boys; and we'll get a break! :) 
Gammy, Easton, Eli, and Mommy at Daddy's first Spring Training game! It was a VERY hot game! We learned that we need to take a towel to sit on because the chairs are scalding hot! Not a good thing with little ones!   But hey- you could do what Easton did to Mommy's total shock- go find a STRANGER'S lap, climb up and take a seat!  Mommy's not kidding!  Easton hopped up onto a man's lap sitting next to us and refused to get up! He sat there for over TEN minutes; and Mommy had to bribe him with gummy snacks to get him up! So embarrassing!  Luckily, the man was with Mizuno- the company that sponsors Daddy!  But still- Easton or Mommy had never met him EVER!  The game was packed and we WON! The Twins are off to a great start!  I'ts a great feeling to be into baseball again!  It's hard to believe in 4 weeks we'll be in Minnesota!  
Easton loved seeing T.C. the bear at the ballpark! Eli is not in the picture because he was too busy hiding on the stairs, which were very far away, crying and telling T.C. not to come near him!  Hopefully he will get over his fear of fuzzy dressed up grown-ups!  Easton couldn't stop looking at T.C; and waved to him every time he came on the field in-between innings!  Wow- how different brothers can be.....
This was the first game of Spring Training!  It is like a reunion for all the wives!  It's so much fun seeing how all of the children have changed over the off season!  The weather was great!  It was one of the few night games that the Twins play during Spring Training.  They played the Red Sox and won!  We had a great time!

One day we decided to put a pool in the backyard for the boys to play in!  It was a huge hit! They LOVED it; and so did Mommy and Gammy because it entertained them for quite a while!  Mommy got in with the boys- UNTIL Daddy turned on the water in the palm tree and it soaked Mommy! Daddy got a good laugh. We enjoyed letting them play while we grilled out hamburgers!  
When we went fishing yesterday, Easton wanted to help Daddy fish! He helped him catch a big bass! He was so proud of himself! Easton loved touching the fish before it got put into the live well.  What a fun day in the Florida sun!  Life is good! Especially for all these Baker boys!  
We found a nice shady spot where the fish were biting.  It was quite a long boat ride, but to our surprise both boys (yes Easton too) were wonderful!  Daddy caught the first fish; and Eli kept "catching" it in the live well and taking it to the other live well.  He quickly stopped when we told him that the fish's mommy would be sad if he didn't stop- as fish need water to live. Mommy caught a fish and even took it off the hook by HERSELF!  The picture above shows it all! Daddy was very proud! 

We'll keep everyone updated on when Daddy pitches next! We think it will be Tuesday (as Monday is a rare off day!) Hopefully we'll be sending pictures from maybe a beach trip!!! As Easton has been to Florida twice- each time longer than a month- and never has seen the beach!  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breaking News from Hammond Stadium

                                      Eli, Gammy, Mommy, and Easton at Hammond Stadium

What fun yesterday was at the Ball Park for the Baker Boys - We went to the field to watch Scott get ready for his first game this coming Friday!!  Check out the picture below and you can see him on the mound throwing pitches to live batters.  We didn't see too many guys getting hits off from him! 
Scott is going to start the game against the Yankees at noon (1 pm here) on Friday, but will probably pitch only 2 or 3 innings since this will be his first outing.  It looks like the game is going to be audio broadcasted at noon on the Internet, but in order to listen to it, you have to purchase the Audio Package for 14.95 for the whole year.  We usually listen to the games on the internet and watch "Game Day" on the Twins website when they are not televised.  Hopefully you can catch all or some of the game Friday and cheer Scott on. 

      Back to yesterday - Easton had a major melt down after Scott got through pitching because he wanted to be with him so badly.  You can only listen to a baby cry, "Da Da" so many times before you have to do something about it.  Scott met us at the edge of the fence and held him for a few minutes in an effort to make him happy.  It did!  All was great until Scott had to move on to his next drill and Easton had to go with us.  He sounded and looked so pitiful as we tore him off Scott.  
On a happier note - The boys took their bats and balls to the field and had their own game of baseball. Needless to say, Eli can really HIT that ball.  That's the happy news - the bad news was that Gammy had to field the ball and chase him around the baseball diamond in order to get him out.  After he scored about 10 runs with NO outs in 85 degree weather, the game was called - LOL!
                                                        Eli and Easton watching Daddy!!

Yesterday afternoon the Kubels came over to fish and eat dinner.  Jason (to the far left) is a DH on the team.  The guy in the middle is his brother - in - law, Michael, who was drafted by the Twins this past summer.  Jason just happens to be Eli's FAVORITE player on the team, so you can only imagine how excited he was!!  Eli was not going to let the guys go fishing without him as you can see. Look who drove the boat while the guys fished.  They only caught 5 or 6 fish - not enough for dinner - so it was a good thing that Leann put some chickens on the grill. She has become a Master Griller - from starting the fire to pulling the meat off.  Scott really raved over her grilling skills last night.  Easton and Eli loved playing with Jason's and Blake's 13 month old - Owen.  Blake's mom is here from California.  We had lots of grandbaby stories to share with each other.  She travels with Blake a lot too, as does Jason's mom!

                                                           The Boys on the Boat....

Ok, this is the funny story!  Easton will probably kill Leann when she shows this picture to his girlfriend in a few (hopefully many :) ) years!  He LOVES getting on the baseball potty seat before bath time; and actually goes to the potty!  Scott has to tear him off the seat because he likes sitting up there like a king on his throne!  He is growing up way too fast!  Don't you agree?    
In case you are wondering how exercising at the gym is going, Leann and I have tried out some other cardio and weight lifting classes.  Yesterday it was Body Pump - she had 25 pounds on her bar and I had 10! Don't laugh too hard - Remember that I am a FEW years older than her - HA! It was VERY tough, but compared to the Spin Class that SHE went to this morning, it was nothing.  Aside from childbirth, Leann said it was by far the hardest thing she has ever done. The spin class started out with a bang, lights off- strobe lights on with loud FAST music and a yelling instructor! About 10 minutes into the class, she was looking for the trash can, wishing that she had not eaten that banana before class, and praying that she would survive the next 50 minutes.  She made it, but her legs were like jello, she was dripping wet, and her face was the color of a firetruck!  I stuck to the Elliptical machine and bicycle today.  I had to work hard to burn those banana pudding calories that I consumed last night.  

Well this ends our "broadcast" today.  Stay tuned for the next post and to see if Leann goes to another RETRO spin class again!
P.S. We LOVE comments - send us some and send us some of your news!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The bike ride!

Spring Training Greetings from Sunny Florida!

Leann and I decided to create a blog to "broadcast" our adventures and activities during spring training.  We will even try to keep it going after season begins.
Most of our days have centered around activities with the kids - ie - trips to Monkey Playhouse ( an indoor playground), bubble blowing, kite flying, and going to a wonderful park with a water playground for the kids, great playground equipment, walking/jogging trails and even bicycles for rent.  Yesterday we rented a side by side tandem bicycle with a surry on top.  Leann and I pedaled and the kids sat in a basket in the front.  They loved it and we got a good workout on our legs!  

We went to a magic show at the yacht club one night that was pretty fun.  Check out the picture of Easton.  This was taken by a fort myers' newspaper photographer and posted on the News Press website. When he saw her aiming the camera at him, he immediately started saying, "Cheeeeeese!  Cheeeeeeese!"  It was definitely a Kodak moment and she must have thought so too!   

We've been to the baseball field twice to watch Scott and the other pitchers (and position players) go through the various drills.  It's pretty interesting watching all of the things they have to learn and continue practicing when they are on the mound. We went this morning and actually got to see scott throw his bullpen.  He also threw "live" batting practice to actual batters on the big baseball field.  Every time Easton saw Scott, he would start calling out loudly, "Da Da, Da Da," to get his attention.  It was pretty cute!  Of course people knew exactly whose kids were Scott's.  Leann is even singled out pretty easily.  The fans at the field have been so nice! 

Grandpa headed home this past Wednesday, but left his boat.  Eli especially loves to go fishing.  He fell out of the boat on Grandpa's last day in Florida. Eli dropped his cork in the water and leaned a little too far out in an effort to get it. Over he went doing a forward flip!  Scott grabbed him up pretty quickly and Eli said, "It's OK, I'm ALIVE, I have a life jacket on."  He was drenched and cold, and had a great story to tell his school teachers and friends when he called them.  Believe it or not, he's not afraid to go back out in the boat.

Ask Scott or Grandpa about their fishing trip with Leann.  She casted her rod out into open water which is NOT where they told her to cast.  As she was quickly trying to reel it in so the guys would not fuss at her, a BIG fish bit her line.  They started hollering and yelling, "Reel it in!  Reel it in!"  It was quite a struggle, but she got the BIG fish in the boat.  Guess who caught the BIGGEST fish that day - LOL! 

Easton loved playing with the worms on the boat and sticking them to Mommy's legs. He was a very busy boy, and made Gammy a wreck.  Easton never fell in, but certainly came close a few times. 

On a final note, Leann has become my personal trainer in my effort to lose my last 8 pounds and firm up.  We joined a gym close to the house and have been working out almost everyday on our abs, legs and arms.  She pretty tough, but also very encouraging. We took a class yesterday called "Dancing with the Music."  Who knew Gammy and Mommy have such good dance moves!  We're going back tomorrow  - it was so much fun!  When we get home from the gym, scott fixes us a protein shake.  Yum!!!!!!

As you can tell, we are having a GREAT time and are very busy, but never too busy to share our fun Florida adventures with family and friends.  We look forward to hearing from everyone about what you're up to, so feel free to comment on our blog. 

More broadcasts to come in a couple of days....... 

Take care everyone - we love you!