Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baseball season has official begun for the Baker family! The boys love wearing their jerseys! And yes- Mommy let them wear them to the game because the boys stay downstairs in the family room! The babysitters there are great- and Mommy (and Gammy too) get to watch the games in peace! We had a great trip to Minnesota! Mommy left the boys and got on a plane and surprised Daddy in Florida! Mommy got to watch Daddy's rehab start! He was so surprised that Mommy flew 4 hours each way to see him for only 48 hours- and he had no clue until I knocked on the front door! It was such a wonderful time! Mommy could get used to this!!! It was so good for the both of us to see each other without little ones! And we are so lucky to have Gammy to watch the boys! The boys adore "Ah-Ah", as Easton says!
Proverbs 3:5-6

Below are the boys at the Como Zoo! It was such a nice day that we had to get outside! It got up to 75 degrees there one day! So yes- it snowed and was bright and beautiful all in the same week! Welcome to Minnesota- they say - stay a week and you may experience all four seasons in 7 days!

This was so CUTE- a baby giraffe- born in February- and in two months it was that big! We also saw twin baby monkeys and a baby gorilla! We had a great time at the zoo! Next trip- we will try and go to the other zoo and the great children's museum! Minneapolis is a really great city for kids!!!

This is such a sweet picture! This cute little monkey was interacting with Eli for a good 5 minutes! It would follow his finger and follow Eli!

It was very windy at times in Minnesota.... it felt almost like Mommy and Daddy were back in college at Oklahoma State! Easton kept wanting to put his hat on and he kept saying "cold" over and over!

Mommy and her cute Daddy-look-a-likes! Obviously these are the cutest two little boys in the world! (I know... I'm partial... after all they look like handsome Daddy!) This was right before the game in the family room! What a lucky grandma Gammy is that she has two grandsons that look like their daddy! And by the way.... she isn't partial either!

(Below)This is Easton at Easter brunch downtown! It was delicious! Although Mommy had to get a new plate after Eli spilled his orange juice...... yep- straight in my plate! Good thing it was a buffet! The boys were wonderful! Even at church service! We attend a church in Maple Grove, called Church of the Open Door. It was VERY family and kid friendly! They encourage children to be brought into the sanctuary! We can't wait to go back!

Easton got served orange juice in a fancy stemmed glass- all was good till Eli got one!

(Below) The boys Easter morning..... sorry I don't have pictures of them with their Easter baskets or of their egg hunt with Owen Kubel! (They were taken on a different camera and of course it is in Minnesota- and we are now in Shreveport!) They both loved their Easter baskets.... what a smart Easter bunny- both boys got exactly the same thing, down to the color and everything- he or she must know that they always want the same thing! :) And notice in the picture who is eating candy at 9 am before church! Eli isn't eating any because he doesn't like candy! Too bad the Easter bunny didn't give him real carrots- Mommy will have to remember to tell the Easter Bunny next year! Hey- peas might appear in some eggs next year! We'll see whose children, other than Eli, like that!!
Ephesians 3:17

We will post again when we return to Minnesota May 7th! It will be an event filled week, as it is Mother's Day weekend! Hope everyone has a great next few weeks! Please keep our family in your prayers, as mommy and the boys spend another 20 days without Daddy! God has given us such great family and friends to help us along our journey. Thank you Lord!
By the way... Eli told me that he prayed, so Mommy said that was so good and was curious to what he prayed about.... so he said he prayed that Mommy would give him his batman toys back! The toys were in "time-out" for Eli not obeying!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello... from very cold Minnesota...or should we say from Maple Grove! We have had a very busy month transitioning from Spring Training back to Shreveport; and now purchasing a new townhouse in Minnesota! All in about 19 days! The flight home to Shreveport (coming home from Spring Training) was very tough! We had to deal with a cancelled flight, a 6 1/2 hour delay which made it a 17-hour travel day with two crabby boys!! The flight to MN was very easy! The boys were great... and no tears from Mommy :)! Although we have had a few mishaps- like Easton taking two bad falls (one the paramedics had to come) and Eli's car seat tether strap being left out the door and wrapping around the back tire. Each was very scary, but everything turned out okay... God is so good!

The pictures below are at the Maple Grove Community Center.....walking distance from the house.....obviously we drove since is was 34 degrees out and very windy! It features an indoor pool, a 4-story climbing structure, an outdoor pool (not usable until at least June), an ice arena, a gym, and tons more!! We were so impressed!!! Gammy climbed in this with the boys! Mommy had a small mishap with her toe... when the plumber set the washing machine on it!!!

The boys loved climbing in the Maple Maze!

The boys having so much fun.... people asked me if I made their outfits because appliqued and smocked clothing are not worn up here!! We still stay true to our southern roots!

So yes, life threw us a curve ball when Daddy had to stay in Florida for a few days (as he was placed on the DL- disabled list)! But it has worked out in that we have had time to buy groceries, a vacuum, window treatments, and other "home" things which are keeping us busy setting up a home! We forget every year that we need paper towels, hand soap, cleaning products, laundry stuff, etc.- now it's nice knowing that these can stay here and not be thrown away at the end of baseball season. It has been a little sad to move into the new house without Daddy, but at least we will have everything ready for him when he hopefully comes to Minnesota by Easter! This week the window treatments, TV and sound equipment are scheduled to be installed.

Okay..... nothing like snow in April......but my boys LOVE the snow! Eli even saved some for Daddy! We put it in the freezer!!

This was Easton's first time touching and holding snow! He kept saying...cold....cold.... over and over! We tried taking a walk, but the wind was blowing so hard and it was FREEZING.... Easton wanted to go in!

Okay....for all who have asked..... here are a few pictures of the townhouse! This is the dining area! (I'm only putting pictures of the main level because we are still unpacking and decorating the other ones)!

This is the living room! Daddy will love this room when his TV gets mounted above the fireplace! Hey.... the fireplace is remote controlled even with a timer.... how romantic :)...... Ha.... Gammy says no more babies... at least not while in Minnesota!!!

Here is the kitchen! The cabinets are amazing! Mommy had to buy a step ladder to reach the top two shelves. It even has under cabinet lighting! And the lighting fixtures are so modern- Mommy loves it!

This is the front of the tri-level townhouse!! We love it and feel very blessed to have a place called "home" where we will live the most out of the year! This is the back of the town home! We live on the corner facing a park and a lake so we will only have neighbors on one side! Right now its still a model home which is only open 12-4 or 12 - 6. It's pretty quiet considering the housing market is slow. We still have the back deck to decorate so we can grill when it warms up! I think we have plenty of time for that :)! Currenty when we woke up on Tuesday morning is was 22 degrees! And Mommy and Eli went to Target at 9 am and it was 29 degrees!! Eli's poor face got chapped :(. Eli said, "Mommy my face has never felt like this before."

Enjoy your Easter weekend.... we are going to church then we are headed to the Hilton for Easter brunch! We will post after Daddy pitches in Florida for ther high A team, the Miracle, for his rehab assignment! Hey- he still is pitching a home opener- just for the Miracle- at least it will be warm!! We are headed to the indoor water activity pool tomorrow! And we have lots of appointments with deliveries this week and weekend! Happy Easter!!!!