Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fort Myers Beach........Mommy's favorite picture of the beach!  All three of my boys in action playing in the water and sand!  We couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day to go to the beach!  It was over 85 degrees but with a wonderful cool breeze!  We did however leave before the springbreaker's really broke loose!  We left by 12:30!  The girls saw many interesting things- it made me thankful that we have boys :).  
The girls on their trip to the beach! They all had so much fun enjoying the very warm weather and the beach trip!  Hey- what's a trip to Florida without going to Ft Myers Beach!!!!
Just look at those baby toes in the sand and water!  
Eli could not wait to get into the sand!!  He built sand castles and loved playing in the wet sand by the water!  What a fun day we had!!
Daddy took Easton into the water! He loved it! He really liked Daddy dipping his feet into the water!  Mommy's baby is looking so much like a big boy now!
Easton's first time at the beach!  He loved it!  Eli got brave and got into the water with Daddy!  The boys really loved the beach! Hey- now its time for a beach vacation in the off season :)
Cruising down the canal!  This was the only picture where the boys were not crying, as you can see Easton has ahold of Eli!  It was beginning to get dark so we had to hurry back home!
Miss "Jammy" on the boat when Donna, Marylin, and her came over for dinner and a boat ride!  We all had a blast! Hey- and Mommy caught the first fish!!
Easton got his haircut in a police car! He was such a big boy!!
Eli chose to get a haircut in the fire truck! He was so good for his haircut! Too bad they don't have a children's haircut place in Shreveport :( Its so nice- they even play movies for each station!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy and her three boys......
Eli looked so cute talking to Papal on mommy's phone!  He is wearing Daddy's hat and telling Papal all about having an ear infection!  Mommy, Daddy, and the boys went to shop and eat at Coconut Point-  a beautiful new shopping area in Estero!  The boys loved the play area!! And we all loved eating at CPK (for those who don't know what that is....its California Pizza Kitchen!!!!)
Mmmm..... wonder what that is on Easton's face!  He even thought he looked silly! He got into Mommy's eye liner (yes waterproof eyeliner :) ) Everytime he looked in the mirror he laughed!
Easton is so funny! He found Mommy's "Wicked" shirt and wanted to wear it- purple and all!  Mommy almost didn't even make it home with it, as she left it under her chair and remembered half way to the car! Luckily it was still there!
Mommy and Daddy got all dressed up for dinner at Cin Cin, and then off to the Broadway play,  "Wicked" in Fort Myers! They went with Jason and Blake Kubel!  They both loved having a date night and enjoyed the great food, company, and play!
Easton is getting such a CUTE personality!  
Where is Easton.......Easton's hiding in Gammy's suitcase!  Gammy is meeting her friends for a five day "girls trip" (Wed-Sun)!  Mommy and the boys (all three!) have lots to do!  As we have to pack up everything for Minnesota and to travel back to Shreveport early Wednesday morning.  Mommy has this down, its not like this is her first trip :)
As you can see above, both boys appear to be sick. But actually only Eli was sick.  Mommy took him to the doctor and he had a double ear infection :(  They gave him medicine and he is getting better everyday!  Easton loves to copy everything Eli does, even if that means laying on the couch with a blanket!  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unbelievable news from the Bakers........ What a special day that a mother (Gammy) gets to see her son becoming an established major league baseball player!  What a very special day!  This is truly a dream come true!  Daddy pitched 4 great innings then they announced his signing!  We are all so glad that we got to share this special day with him!  God has been with us through tough times and good times.... we are so blessed!  
What a special day for the Baker Family!  Daddy officially signed a 4 year contract with an option for his free agency year!  We are so very proud of him and his hard work has surely been acknowledged!  We are so excited to share the news with our family and friends!  
Okay.... so I may never get the boys being so kind to each other again.... Mommy just happened to have the camera out and Easton, the affectionate one, wanted a "kissy" from "bubba"! (The picture above and all the ones below are from the Naples Zoo!!!)
A very interesting tree at the Naples Zoo! The  boys looked so cute! Little did you know right before this picture, they were fighting in the wagon!  It was driving Mommy CRAZY!!!!!!
We took a boat ride to different monkey islands!  It was educational :) to see how different monkeys live and how they interact!  One monkey even posed for pictures on a branch right over the boat!  Eli loved riding the boat!  Easton was more fascinated with the ducks swimming by!  
We have had a week filled with relaxation in Florida!  We have been enjoying the warm weather! The picture above was from the alligator feeding!  It wouldn't be a trip to Florida without seeing an alligator or two!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eli loves wearing his Twins jersey!  This picture is after a game in the family parking lot! The boys walk everywhere- it is so nice not having to take a stroller anywhere!  Although Mommy still gets a workout carrying Easton up and down the stadium steps (and for those who have been to Hammond Stadium know that it's just practice for all the many many stairs at the Dome in Minnesota!!)  Gammy is still working out hard (she now runs 2 consecutive miles on the treadmill); Mommy is spinning every Tuesday and Thursday; and both are lifting weights!  We are truly having a blast in Florida!  Mommy took some away time today and went shopping with Blake, Jason Kubel's wife, in Naples (All the Grandma's kept the boys)!  They had a great time and are excited to go see Wicked, the Broadway Musical coming to Fort Myers with them next week!  Oh- Blake and Jason, and the chapel leader for the Twins, David and his wife Sherrie, and Scott and Leann, went to see "Fireproof" at First Baptist in Cape Coral on Sunday. It was good to see the movie again and fun having fellowship with friends! Oh- Easton is a little under the wear this week, but doing much better!  
All dressed in red and blue watching Daddy pitch!  It turned out to be beautiful weather by game time! Sunny and 68 degrees (cool for Florida in March though)!!!  The boys watched Daddy pitch 3 scoreless innings!  Their new favorite thing at the baseball game is kettle corn popcorn!  Mommy and Gammy love it too!  Daddy pitches this coming Saturday!  
Notice the sweatsuits and warm gear? Yes- we are in Florida still! We haven't gone to Minneapolis yet!  We had to turn the heat on at the house at night- it got down to 39 degrees! Very cold for here!  We traded in shorts for jackets- it's supposed to be in the 80's this week though!  So instead of the beach, we went to a brand new Chuck-E-Cheese in Fort Myers!  It was very nice and the boys loved it!  
What a Kodak moment: So smart telling Mommy they are three and one!  So sweet!
How cute are these boys? They had so much fun wearing their new sunglasses to the baseball game!  Easton's glasses didn't even survive 24 hours! Good thing that they came from Target!  They were posing for Mommy after a 3 hour nap! The baseball games wear them out!