Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Okay... there hasn't been a blog in a while!  We have been busy!  Its amazing how two little boys can keep someone SO busy!  We are almost completely settled here in Maple Grove! And we LOVE it here!  We couldn't have chose a better place to live!  The boys love it here! There is SO much to do!  Minnesota is really a great place to raise a family!  And all in all, this is where most of our time is spent!  So at least we picked a great one!

Owen, Blake, and Rachel (Jason's sister) came over for dinner and a play date!  The boys all play so well!  

Owen and Eli
Both boys wanted to clean!!
At the children's museum for a birthday party!  Ha- all three boys somewhat matched- and not on purpose!  Remember we are up north now- matching is NOT the IN thing here! :)
Giving Mommy flowers.... what a sweet boy!
Nana and the boys at the Minnesota Zoo! 
Mommy and her two cute boys!
Both boys glued to the TV!
And batting next.... Easton Baker....
Taking ground balls....
Eli signing at his spring sing at St Marks!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  We have lots of fun things planned! Aunt Becca is coming for the month of June and we are traveling to the Cubs, Royals, and Brewers games!  Its going to be a busy month, but SO much fun!  

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  1. Cute pics...glad to hear y'all are enjoying the Summer...miss y'all at the games! Always enjoy watching Scott pitch!! Keep up the great work!!

    Go Scott...Go Twins!! God Bless, jackie