Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!
We had a great time at "Family Day" at the Dome on 
Father's Day!  There was a family game where Gardy 
pitched to the kids and they announced the starting line up with all
the families!  It was a lot of fun!  When we got ready
for the morning Aunt Becca put on Eli's jersey and he said
with a VERY serious face, 
"Everyone is going to think I'm Scott Baker today!"  

It was very cute! We can no longer go ANYWHERE 
around baseball without people knowing what player
we belong to because the boys favor daddy so much!!
Its okay with me though, because obviously I think my hubby
is VERY cute so I'm glad the boys take after him!

The Baker Family!

The Twin's wives!

Mommy and Easton

                 A group family photo!

     Daddy pitching to Eli and mommy catching!                            

Daddy and Easton

Easton saying "catch Daddy!"

Gardy pitching to Eli! After every hit he ran the bases! 
He is batting SO well! He is not missing a thing not being in little league...
after all he is practicing on a major league field!  

Rachel Kubel and Becca 
Mommy's handsome sweet boys! (Yes- I even think Daddy is 
handsome and very sweet :) )
Playing at the Minnesota Children's Museum!


  1. LOVE to see you're pics...and hear about the fun y'all are having. I know it's a very special time...not only because it's baseball season...but that your sweet little family is all together! What precious memories you'll all have. I see you're taking lots of'll need to scrapbook this winter, huh?

    We'll be cheering Scott & the Twins on from here in S'port!

    Love y'all, Jackie

  2. hey leann, it's mandy from OSU...brian kraft's wife. i came across your blog from mike and carissa's. brian and i keep up with scott, and now i'm glad we can see what you and the boys are up too as well. brian and i have a blog, you should visit it. the website is we actually just had a baby girl, bryce allison, in march. things are pretty crazy with a baby in the picture, which i'm sure you very aware of!! your boys are adorable, they look so much like scott! can't wait to read more about you guys! :)