Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Bakers go see the Twins vs Brewers

We have had a busy past few weeks traveling! It has been so much fun and the boys are such good travelers- after all they are very used to it!  Life is good here- the boys are officially on baseball schedule- staying up until 11 (or midnight sometimes :) ) AND they sleep until we get them up at 10 AM!!!! I know it sounds CRAZY to some- but its our life and we love it!  The boys deserve to see their daddy- so we adjust to his schedule!  Darkened room and sound machine work wonders!  Scott and I have enjoyed getting the boys to bed then getting to spend time together because now they sleep in!!! YEAH!!  In Milwaukee Becca and Eli shared a room and Scott, Easton, and Mommy were in a room!  We enjoyed Milwaukee, the hotel, The Pfister, is beautiful and right on the water!  Miller Park is amazing and we had a really fun time! I cant wait to take the boys back next year! Its only a 5 hour drive from Maple Grove!

Miller Park

Scott batting!

Eli and Becca watching Scott pitch in Milwaukee- 
It was scorching hot there but we had
great seats in the shade with a fan!

Mommy and Easton 

We took an hour and a half boat ride 
on the river- It was beautiful! 
The boys were done 20 minutes in
and we had no where to go :)
Snack time....

A great children museum in Milwaukee 
in walking distance to our hotel!

The boys playing together!!!

We went to Kansas City last week- I'll update from that trip when I have more time!  Becca went home on July 4th! I'm sure she misses the boys already!  We spent July 4th grilling out at the Kubel's house and hanging out!  Its hard to go watch fireworks in a public place when your husband is easily recognized and we hang out with other player's families!  The boys and Mommy went to church and to the field on Sunday (today)!  We are so excited to spend tonight with Daddy and we have an off day tomorrow (Monday- followed by a night game) - so 48 hours with Daddy!  The boys are LOVING IT!!  Easton cries now every time Daddy leaves- he loves his Daddy and doesn't understand.  At the hotel in Milwaukee Easton cried for over 30 minutes after Daddy left.  More from Kansas City......

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